5 Effective Ways HR can Improve Business Performance

HR can also impact business performance

When people talk about business performance, it’s often associated with strategies that can directly impact its profitability. Focusing on sales conversions, creating compelling marketing ideas, and the likes are common ways to ensure company success.

However, there are also unique approaches that organizations can venture into which can be just as effective. It might come as a surprise to you that it involves the human resource workforce.

People think that HR professionals only do administrative tasks, but especially as time changes, they do more than that now. Their department becomes an ever-valuable asset that is vital to long-term business success.

From molding the internal overall structure of the company to acquiring quality hires, HR is arguably one of the most important key players to consider for a winning formula.

Here are 5 uncommon yet effective ways HR can improve business performance:

1. Nurture employee relationship

According to Forbes, highly engaged staff perpetuates 21% greater profitability for the company. That makes sense because they are the arms and legs of the business, after all.

When you nurture employee relationships, you make an effort to keep them happy and motivated. You’ll see that it will yield positive results when their drive to contribute to the organization is high.

They’ll be more likely to show up at work full of vigor and enthusiasm and ready to mobilize actions as compared to those who feel left out or disengaged.

2. Maximize ATS to find quality hires

Use technology and tools to your advantage to bolster your work productivity. Your recruitment software can be essential in finding top candidates that can become game changers to your organization.

Manatal, for example, can do this easily by posting job ads across multiple channels to recruit better and faster. It will allow you to tap a wider reach with minimal effort. The moment you initiate contact, you’re already one step ahead in setting excellent candidate expectations.

Its other functionalities such as the email integration, AI candidate recommendation and recruitment CRM will also enable you to get more quality hires while centralizing communications, which 52% of recruiters believe is the prominent metrics to observe this 2022.

3. Improve company culture

Much like the first point, developing the company culture also impacts business performance significantly. It promotes a higher retention rate, and it boosts work efficiency for everyone.

By instilling sound policies and empowering values, employees will be encouraged to grow individually and as a team. A healthy culture such as this will produce a low turnover rate.

That means you’ll avoid unnecessary expenses of employee turnover costs and new hiring costs. It will also augment work efficiency as everyone already knows the ropes in handling operations smoothly and accurately.

4. Focus on Benefits

Statistics show that employees 69% of employees prefer companies that offer better benefits over those that don’t. Interesting, right? As HR, leverage this data to your advantage.

How? You can apply this finding and attract top candidates by giving them irresistible benefits. This goes a long way in the grander scheme of things when it comes to saving.

You can also modify company benefits for current employees so that their level of satisfaction will increase. Just do proper research on the best practices in crafting benefits to build up recruitment and retention.

5. Set clear goals for everyone

Last but not least, setting clear goals for everyone will be a massive factor in your business success. As HR, you should be clear on the role and responsibilities of each employee so that they have an objective in mind to follow.

It’s a sustainable design to empower your workforce to do their best in all aspects with initiative. Questions like “why does the company exist?”, “does my effort make any difference”, and more will be answered and no negative influences can distract them from achieving the organization’s goals.

When everyone knows what they’re doing, a sense of purpose would be easy enough to manifest.

It’s not just the sales that can directly impact business growth, there are indirect and uncommon ways, too. As an HR, you handle the people, and these people are your key to success.

Be sure to revisit your strategy for 2022 and the years to come and make sure that you invest in your HR — this department may just be the answer for the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.




Internet nerd & Tech enthusiast. Passionate about HR and telling its stories. Always on the lookout for innovative concepts and cool ideas to write about.

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Shannon Thompson

Shannon Thompson

Internet nerd & Tech enthusiast. Passionate about HR and telling its stories. Always on the lookout for innovative concepts and cool ideas to write about.

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