Best Recruitment Software for Recruitment Agencies this 2022

Recruitment agencies have a lot on their plate. They have to think of getting clients and maintaining a good relationship with them. At the same time, such firms also have to source talents and negotiate with them effectively.

That’s why for them to be fully productive without compromising quality in their work, the use of technology is a must.

This promotes consistent output that delivers satisfactory results every time. It speeds up the process, gives recruiters more time to scrutinize their work, and think of ways on what to improve.

Qualities of Great Recruitment Software as Agencies

However, you don’t just pick out any recruitment software. That’s one of the common mistakes that you have to avoid. You must choose a tool that can bring out the best of your capabilities. These are the top qualities that you should look for in your search:


The recruitment software that you’ll use should bring value for money. Take Manatal, for example. This ATS starts at a very low price, but it also comes with a dual recruitment CRM functionality.

It gives an all-in-one hiring solution that allows agency recruiters to do their job seamlessly.

Easy to Use

Of course, it should be easy to use. You want a tool that simplifies things, and not complicates them.

Before subscribing to software, make sure that you:

  1. Do a demo
  2. Avail free trial
  3. Read online reviews

This way, you’ll be sure that the UI/UX is great. Your team will thank you for this!

Allows Team Collaboration

Lastly, you should pick software that allows team collaboration. Make sure that relevant parties can access the tool and work together with you on the project.

Be it your recruiter or the client, they should be able to utilize the platform. Why? This can bring everyone on the same page all the time. Additionally, it will also speed up the process and minimize confusion throughout each step.

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Best Recruitment Software for Recruitment Agencies 2022

To that end, I went ahead and compiled the best recruitment software in the market this year. These all have the qualities mentioned above and are sure to bolster your workforce to its fullest.


Manatal is the next generation of recruitment software, built with the latest technologies and designed to streamline recruitment processes from sourcing to onboarding. Place faster and funnel your recruitment channels into one intuitive platform. Manage your current and future clients with our CRM feature. Leverage the social media enrichment and AI features, improve collaboration, access a full reporting suite, and much more. Transform the way you recruit with Manatal’s cloud-based hiring tool.

It’s great for recruitment agencies because you have an all-in-one solution that allows talent acquisition professionals from start to finish. They don’t need to hop from one platform to another by engaging with clients and job seekers simultaneously.

They are awarded Best Ease of Use Applicant Tracking Software (2021) and Best Value Applicant Tracking Software (2021) by Capterra. Amazingly, they start at only $15/month! Truly, one of my top picks!


Criteria is an assessment company dedicated to helping organizations make better talent decisions using objective, multidimensional data. They deliver the most precise, comprehensive, and reliable assessments to help companies create the highest-performing workforce.

It’s a powerful tool that provides tons of assessments tests to give to your applicants. This varies from Cognitive Aptitude, Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Risk (values and integrity), and Technical Skills.

It’s already administered 25+ million assessments worldwide. The best part is that they implement science into their operations for a factual and accurate result.


The interviewing process can be time-consuming. With Interviewer.AI, you get to completely digitize your hiring process. They help spot top-quality talent from tons of applications, cutting down screening time by a massive 80 percent. It is the fastest tool to shortlist candidates for interviews, without wasting any time.

With tools such as this one, you don’t have to sit down and have initial interviews with job seekers one by one. They can do it themselves and you can review the applications on your own time.

It’s a great way to be productive as you can conduct your other daily responsibilities without losing top talents in your grasp. This is one great example of how AI helps recruitment agencies and should be an essential factor to ensure stability and success.

What other recruitment software do you suggest for recruitment agencies? Share your thoughts with me!




Internet nerd & Tech enthusiast. Passionate about HR and telling its stories. Always on the lookout for innovative concepts and cool ideas to write about.

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Shannon Thompson

Shannon Thompson

Internet nerd & Tech enthusiast. Passionate about HR and telling its stories. Always on the lookout for innovative concepts and cool ideas to write about.

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